Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Subtle Changes

One of the smaller changes we have done over the last few years is to upgrade the tee markers at both Leslie Park and Huron Hills. The old tee markers were plastic spheres with a metal spike to keep it in the ground. There are many different styles of tee marker you can get from a golf supplier, but they can get expensive. If you have 18 holes and four sets of tees, you need 144 tee markers. Add in a couple of spares for the inevitable mower accident or vandalism, you probably need about 160. Even at $12 each, this can add up quickly. ($1,920.00 for the "cheap" ones. I have seen some that can be closer to $40 each.)

That being said, a few years ago, we experimented with making some tee markers out of 4 x 4 lumber. This was much more economical but looked kind of generic. Then I found a website that made custom designed branding irons. I sent them a PDF of the Leslie logo and all of a sudden, we had custom tee markers. This past winter, we included Huron Hills in the redesign, plus special "Tournament" markers that will only be used during special occasions. All told,  we made 280 tee markers for the 2015 golf season. Here are some pictures.

The Tournament markers are made from cedar.

A better view of the logos and different styles.

April 2015 Weather Summary

The high temperature for the month of April came on the 17th. It got up to 76.2 degrees on that day. Just a week later, on the 24th,  the lowest temperature of 25.1 degrees for the month was recorded. Just 5 days had lows below the freezing mark. The average temperature was 48.5 degrees. Compare that to last months average of 33.9. Spring is finally here.

April saw 2.28 inches of precipitation. The highest daily rainfall was 0.63 inches on the 9th. Six days saw over a tenth of an inch while 12 had at least a trace. The total for the year is 3.71 inches. This is pretty close to what we have seen over the last couple of years. May turns out to be much wetter, though. The previous two years have seen over 5 inches of rain during this month.

The high sustained windspeed for April was 33 mph (April 21) while the average was 3.9 mph.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015 Weather Summary

The high temperature for the month of March was 64.7 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded at Leslie Park Golf Course was -3.1. The average temperature was 33.9. We are finally back above freezing for the month. Twenty-four days saw the low temperature fall below 32 degrees while only 5 days never got above the freezing mark. The last of these days was March 6th.

The month only saw five days of rainfall with the total precipitation totaling just 0.57 inches. The heaviest amount of rain fell on the last day of March, with a total of 0.27 inches recorded. The total rain for the year is now at 3.83 inches.

The average wind speed was 4.0 mph. The highest sustained wind speed recorded was 37 miles per hour on March 29th.

Nobody cares about all of this, but if you are still reading, you will want to know that Leslie Park will open tomorrow at 11 A.M. and all 18 holes of Huron Hills will open at the same time.

Happy golfing!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Huron Hills is open for play

The front seven holes at Huron Hills is open for play.

Unfortunately, it might be a while before the rest are open. I took these pictures this morning. Until this snow melts and the ground thaws out, I cannot allow play on these holes.

#12 green at Huron Hills (#15 is in the foreground.)

#13 green at Huron

#9 green at Leslie Park.

#11 green at Leslie.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

February 2015 Weather Summary

February was cold. The lowest temperature recorded at Leslie Park was -20.0 degrees, which happened on the 20th.. Eleven days had low temperatures below zero and all 28 days had lows below freezing. Only four days had high temperature that went above 32 degrees. The highest temperature was 43.8 degrees (Feb 8.) The average was 14.2 degrees. Last year was cold as well. Looking at February 2014, there were four days were the low was below zero and the average temperature was 19.2. However, this January was much warmer than 2014. January last year had 13 days below zero compared to just 4 days this year. When you look at the first two months of the respective years, the number of extremely cold days is very close. The 2015 cold snap has come about four weeks later than it did in 2014.

There was no rain during the month. The weather station did record 0.12 inches of melted snow. Most of that (0.10 inch) came on the 7th.

The highest wind speed recorded was 30 mph, which happened on the 14th. The average windspeed was 3.6 mph.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Weather Summary

The highest temperature for the month of January was 41.9 degrees. This happened on the 17th. The lowest temperature for the month was the morning of the 14th, where we saw a chilly -3.7 degrees.  The average temp was 22.1. There were 30 days where the low temperature was below the freezing point of 32 degrees. The 18th was the only day that never fell below the freezing point. Twenty days had high temperatures below 32, while 4 days had lows below zero.

January also saw 0.74 inches of rain fall. This does not include snow because the weather station we have does not record snowfall. The most daily rainfall fell on the 3rd (0.44 inches.)  That was the only day were we saw more than a tenth of an inch of rain. while seven days had at least a trace of rain. Most of those were snow melting in the rain collector.

The highest sustained windspeed was 26.0 mph (Jan 30th.) The average windspeed for the month was 3.5 mph.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Curling for Ice Research

Last Friday, there was a fund raiser for research on ice damage on turf. The event was put on through the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association at the Detroit Curling Club. While we at Huron Hills and Leslie Park escaped massive turf injury, many golf courses in south east Michigan lost grass due to being under ice for up to 10 weeks last year. The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation (MTF) and Michigan State University have made it a priority to stop further issues like this in the future.

One of the ways the MTF has done this is by purchasing a Low Temperature Chamber for winterkill research. The money raised by this event will go toward more equipment and other supplies for Dr. Frank to use for this effort. (I paid for the event using my own money, no city funds were used, FWIW.)

The 32 MiGCSA members pose for a group photo.

Receiving instruction from DCC members.

Learning the finer points of sweeping the stones.

It was a lot to take in. It is not as easy as it looks.

My first try in "the hack."

The man on the right is Dr. Frank. Greg Pattinson (Superintendent at Indianwood) and I scored 7 points here against Dr. Frank and his team. There are only 8 possible points in an end, btw.